The Day Care Center

The Mère Framboise Day care center (CPE) is a non-profit-making organization according to part III of the Quebec law on companies (Loi sur les Compagnies du Québec), subsidized by the Ministère de la Famille. It can greet 147 children in its two installations located in Kirkland. It stands out with the services it offers to the whole community, but as a priority to the children of the employees of two companies of the West Island of Montreal.

The CPE can also greet children having particular needs and it favors their harmonious integration in social life.

Each of the two installations includes everything necessary so that the children are surrounded with all the attentive care they might need. For example, the buildings are equipped with numerous, large windows, which let in a lot of light, and multi-purpose halls where the children can take part in gross motor skill activities or watch shows. There is also a kitchen in each building with all the necessary personnel to supply the children with their daily nutritional snacks and meals. The backyards are equipped with climbing units and sandboxes in addition to bicycle paths and gardens with all the shade needed in the hot summer days.


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