CPE Mère Framboise's mission is to offer personalized and qualified supervision to young babies and children. The environment reflects the education program recommended by the Ministère de la Famille et des Aînés du Québec.

CPE Mère Framboise is a bilingual institution where both official languages stand alongside each other. The children can communicate with the educators and the CPE personnel either in French or English, while learning a second language.

The CPE promotes the children's good health by way of quality care and healthy snacks and meals prepared on site.

CPE Mère Framboise has for objective to listen to the needs of the families it serves. Keeping that in mind, open communications are established and maintained between the CPE's Board of Directors, the personnel and the families.

At CPE Mère Framboise, each child is considered as a person in his or her own right, and the CPE sets everything up in order to simulate that person's social, emotional, intellectual, physical, creative, linguistic, problem solving and personal expression skills, this way ensuring his or her global development.


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