CPE Mère Framboise is not an ordinary day care center. It is an organization that does everything in its power to comply with the highest service and care standards for children of between 6 months and 5 years of age.

It all started in 1992, when Mère Framboise first opened its doors. This beautiful installation, located on Hedgerow Street, could originally greet 60 children. Today, this number has increased and the installation now holds an operating permit for 67 children.

Needing more room for the children of the employees of its partner, a renowned company of the region, Mère Framboise opened up a second installation in December 2003, on Brunswick Boulevard. This state-of-the-art center holds a permit allowing it to greet 80 children.

Today, the CPE keeps on supplying services to its longtime partner, but recently, it joined forces with new partners and also offers places for children of the community.

Mère Framboise's greatest pride probably lies in its success story. In 1992, the CPE received the “Grande entreprise” award for its flexibility in services offered to parents. Each year, the CPE organizes numerous events such as hosting a week of activities as part of the Family Week, when it greets people from other day care centers from all over the West Island of Montreal. They are welcome to join in the festivities. The CPE also supplies its personnel of bilingual educators with continuing education for their professional development, and that, on a permanent basis. In return, the educators offer quality individual services and create a warm and stimulating environment for all the children.

The children, who have joined Mère Framboise as young babies and stayed on board up to “graduation” at age 5, have received all the necessary supervision and love to properly start their primary school. Thus, they have all the tools that they need: autonomy, confidence, pride and self-esteem.

What a success story!


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